jeudi 12 novembre 2009

Interview de bloggueuse : Zeruda, la Lolita !

La jeune fille qui a aujourd'hui accepté de répondre à mes questions est encore plus jolie qu'une poupée, c'est une Lolita ! Vous connaissez mon penchant pour le mode japonaise, comment aurais-je donc pu résister à cette sweet loli, j'en était même presque émue tiens! Découvrir son univers m'a fait réaliser que finalement, ce style ne va pas forcément qu'aux japonaises. Zeruda le porte très bien, en y ajoutant a propre personnalité et en ne suivant pas forcément tout les codes de cette tendance. Entrons dans son univers so Kawaii !

1) Can you quickly describe your blog and introduce yourself ?

I'm Zeruda, 23 years old, from Sweden. I am hoplessly in love with the japanese streetstyles, lolita above all. In my blog I write about things I like, things I've bought, things that inspire me and much more.

2) When did you start being a Lolita, what prompted it ?

Summer 2005 I moved to a bigger town where they had J-conventions twice a year. I remember watching them from a window being insanely jealous of awesome cosplayers and lolitas. That's how it all started. I purchased my first dresses but only wore it at home. By the time I moved again I had quite a big wardrobe and decided I had to start to use it in public or stop spending money on something I hid in the wardrobe. So I started to wear it. I've been wearing this style almost every day since Feb 2008.

3) What is your favorite movie / song / book ?

I got many favorite movies. But I think Hero (Ying xiong) cought my heart in a very special way.
My favorite song, that's a hard one. Maybe Ja jang ga (Lullaby) by Lee Byung-Woo.
My favorite book is a book for children but i think everyone should read it anyway. Momo by Michael Ende.

4) How much do you spend on clothes every month, on average?

Maybe €150-€200.

5) Is it difficult to bear people's glances ? Are people surprised by your style, do they come to you and ask about it ?

Well, actually yes. I'm not very much for attention to be honest. But many people have never seen anything like it ever before, so they stare. However most people are positive and very curious about my style and a lot of people ask where to get clothings like mine. And I'm glad to introduce them to something new :) Most people think it's a fantastic style and encourage my unique style.

6) Do you know other Lolitas whom you can hang out with ?

No, I actually don't. I meet a lot of teens who wanna be like me, but I have never seen a lolita around. However I have sold my dresses to people near by so maybe they will show up :) I got loli friends online though :)

7) Where do you find your clothes ? Do you know good online shops that you could share with us ?

I buy a lot of stuff from Bodyline ( They got somewhat bad reputation but I think it's undeserved. They got really nice
clothing. I also buy a lot from Momo's at Ebay ( Also undeserved bad reputation. I love Momo's since they make the dresses longer than the usual japanese standard that tend to be to short on me. I buy a lot of things at shops like H&M too. I'm not afraid to mix which has also given my lolita style a unique twist.

8) When it comes to fashion, what would you never wear ?

I guess I would never leave the house without a skirt. Haha, I think this leggings trend looks like the girls have forgotten their skirts at home ;)

9) A small list of other blogs you love ?

These wonderful blogs:

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Mnon a dit…

Merci merci pour cette interview ! Ses tenues sont adorables *o*
D'autres interview de bloggers inspirés par la mode japonaise sont-ils prévu ?

Slanelle a dit…

@ Mnon : si j'en trouve d'autres qui correspondent à ce que je recherche, oui oui oui !

Cécile a dit…

Adorable !
A la voir, je sens que je vais me remettre à fantasmer sur les cheveux roses...

Izumihiiiflower a dit…

hannnnnnn trop la classe <3
elle est adorable, ça lui va telement bien <3
je veu sa jupe sur la derniere photo <3
charmante madame *_*