dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Interview de bloggueuse : Teresa, de Oh Leoluca Vintage

Aujourd'hui j'aimerais vous présenter Teresa, jolie bloggueuse qui arrive à faire du moderne avec de l'ancien. Son blog nous présente ses dernières trouvailles vintage, qu'elle revend ensuite dans sa boutique Etsy. Tout parait magnifique sur elle, ca donne envie de tout acheter!
J'admire son style minimaliste très chic, et sa grâce naturelle. A vous de la découvrir !

1) Can you quickly describe your blog and introduce yourself ?

I'm Teresa and currently living in Berlin. I'm 26 and originally from Atlanta, Georgia. My blog is really special to me and is a style diary/ inspiration page with bits of fashion illustrations that I do!

2) Where do you get your inspiration ?

Movies, street fashion, other bloggers.

3) What is your favorite movie / song / book ?

I can't choose a favorite, but the last movie I saw was Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Favorite song right now is called "What are you looking for" and it's by my boyfriend's parents Iris and Karl. It sounds like modern day Gainsbourg/Bardot. My favorite book is The Little Prince.

4) How much do you spend on clothes every month, on average? Do you sometimes buy pieces to sell that you eventually keep for yourself ?

It varies each month. I can go months with out really buying anything and then in month spend like crazy. I actually sell everything that I buy (vintage wise) for my store, it's good practice for me to give away things because in the end it's just stuff.

5) What's your fashion philosophy ?

I like to buy things that I can build up my wardrobe with, so I'm always looking for classic and simple pieces that I can mix and match easily. I don't really plan out when I'm going to buy something, it's really impulsive and if i see something that I really like I see if at the moment I can afford to buy it. I'm not immune to trends because I love trying new things but I think it's ok to indulge as long as you have a good foundation wardrobe.

6) Do you have icons ? (audrey hepburn, kate moss, marylin monroe ..?)

I really admire Francoise Hardy. I love her simple makeup and effortless way of dressing and how she was girly and tomboyish in the same breath.

7) When it comes to fashion, what would you never wear ?

I think I would wear anything. Well maybe not trainers but even so, if they were well designed I would give them a try.

8) Since when are you interested in vintage clothing ? What's your favorite era ?

I've always been into vintage clothes but it wasn't really accessible in Atlanta, Georgia where I grew up, or atleast I hadn't a clue how to find good vintage clothes then. When I moved to Los Angeles, it was just a dream. There were so many vintage shops and garage sales on the weekends where you could find the most amazing things. My favorite era is the 60s. I love the caped coats and turbans and pretty fitted dresses, clothes were just so glamorous then.

9) A small list of other blogs you love ?

Maison de Reveries
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Garance Doré

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Neva-Products a dit…

olala elle est troooop chou!!!

Izumihiiiflower a dit…

c'est tres frai et jolie ^^

marinadolls a dit…

c'est clair, elle est vraiment toute mimi et toute jolie!!!

Aymbra a dit…

j'aime beaucoup son style! et les photos sont très belles.